Science Focus Program
A science-based education program where a unique community of learners is transformed through critical thinking and interaction with the world.

What do students have to say about SFP?

Letter of Intent to Return

Current students are asked their intent on attending the Science Focus Program the next academic year and their reason(s). Following are some of their responses.

“awesome experience”

“small class sizes make it amazing”

“wonderful and unique learning environment”

“challenging, fun learning environment”

“classes make me strive to do my best”

“the curriculum and way of teaching are awesome”

“portfolios are much more enjoyable for me than finals”

“Zoo is not just my school, but it has become my family”

“personal connections and hands-on interaction in the classroom have proven to be a strong educational benefit for me”

“everyone is very accepting”

“I’ve been able to delve deeper into subjects that I am learning through classroom discussions.”