Science Focus Program
A science-based education program where a unique community of learners is transformed through critical thinking and interaction with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Science Focus Program all about?

We offer an alternative to the “big” high school experience for students with an interest in and aptitude for science. We offer a wide variety of classes with smaller class sizes and a focus on learning through experience. We want you to expand your learning beyond the textbook, and sometimes, beyond the classroom.

How do I apply? When should I apply?

Fill out the application here. You will answer questions, write an essay and provide two teacher or counselor recommendations. You can apply anytime during your 8th grade year but you should get your application in by December 10th if at all possible. We seek to enroll 25 students in each grade 9-12.

Is SFP for students in differentiated classes only?

The Science Focus Program is open to anyone who wants to apply. However, the reality is that attending SFP does include differentiated math and science classes, year-long research projects and an increase in independent, project-based work.

What do you look for when you are reviewing applications?

We look for an interest in science and being part of a learning community. We look for mature students who are self motivated and self regulated. The high degree of freedom at SFP requires a strong sense of responsibility. We place a high value on your attendance, references from the adults that know you best as a citizen and scholar. We also look at grades, but we don’t require straight “A” students.

What high schools do students come from, and how do they get to SFP?

All LPS high schools are represented at our school. LPS provides free bussing to SFP students. They pick you up from your “home” high school around 9:45 am and return you back there around 3:30 pm every day. Older students with access to a car may drive themselves to SFP.

What are the program expectations for students attending SFP?

You must maintain good grades and attendance. You must take at least 4 classes at SFP per semester, and at least one science class. Students must participate in the research program and be a positive contributing member of the SFP community seeking to do something meaningful with their abilities.

What classes do you offer?

We offer classes in science, math, social studies and English. All other classes must be taken at your home high school. See a list of classes here.

Is Algebra a prerequisite?

No, but we do not offer it at SFP; the schedule is built assuming students will already have it. We have made accommodations for students as needed.

Can I participate in other school-sponsored activities at my high school?

We highly encourage our students to participate and be involved in their home high schools; although, there are times they will have to choose.

What if I get accepted, but I don’t feel like it’s a good match?

We want you to be in the best educational environment for you. If it is not a good match, you can choose to go back to your home high school.

How is lunch handled?

Students typically bring lunch from home, purchase food from the Cafe 65, or make arrangements with their home high school to pick up a school lunch prior to leaving. Students eat lunch in a variety of places around campus or in the multipurpose room.