Frequently Asked Questions

When it is time to choose a High School and I have applied to the Science Focus Program, what should I do?

Our suggestion is that you apply to the school that you would be going to if the Zoo School was not an option.   If you are accepted to the Science Focus Program, we will make every effort to place you where you prefer. (Note: 2nd Sem. Seniors are not considered)

Do I go ahead and sign up for classes at my high school even if I applied to the Zoo School?

Yes,  fill out a full schedule with your high school counselor.   Once you have been notified of acceptance into the program, we will have an orientation/registration,  and we will have you contact your counselor to make them aware of this change.   You will be taking 1-2 classes at your home high school so this will have to be scheduled with your counselor as well.

How will I get to and from the Zoo School?

The LPS Transportation Department will pick up and drop off students from each home high school.  Times and locations will be made available to students at their orientations/registrations.

How does the Zoo School schedule work?

The regular class schedule starts at 10:10 am and concludes at 3:05 pm.  We follow the LPS schedule for days off and holidays.   Please note:  we do not have PLC on Tuesdays, so we have a regular school schedule every Tuesday.  Our classes are run on a block schedule of 3 classes per day at about 1 ½ hours each.   Wednesdays are Focus days, where students will follow a special Focus day schedule, which includes being able to work on research and portfolio projects in addition to spending community time with other Science Focus students.

Where is lunch held at the Zoo School?

During the part of the year when the Zoo is open to the public, our students and staff are able to purchase meals from the Zoo Café’.   During the closed season everyone must bring their own lunch.  We have microwaves, refrigerators, and hot/cold water dispensers.   Everyone is able to eat in either our park like setting on the school grounds or in the teachers classrooms.

What is the deadline for applying to the Zoo School?

The teaching staff begins looking at applications in February with decisions made by the beginning of March.   Typically each grade level has about 25 students.   The past couple of years have had waiting lists in our 9th and 10th grade groups of about 15-20.

What is considered when looking at the applications?

Academic success.  Attendance.  Testing scores.  Conscientiously written essay.   Signs of a willingness to learn and participate.

If not accepted this go around, can the student reapply for the next academic year?

Yes, of course.  In fact, we encourage it.

If I apply and am accepted, does this commit me to all 4 years?

No, it does not but as long as you meet the schools requirements you are welcome to attend as long as you would like.

Does the Zoo School offer Diff classess? Diff English, Sciences, social studies, Math, etc. ?

Yes, we do offer Diff in those areas, in fact, all of our Math courses are Diff level, as well as many of the others.

How does the day work as far as classes they still takes at their home high school?

They will need to take care of their Fine Arts, PE, World Languages at their home high school.

How do they make sure to take enough to graduate?

Our Focus Program is part of the LPS system.  All of their grades are monitored by Synergy and their guidance counselor at their home high school.

How do students get to and from zoo school?

The LPS Transportation Department provides busing services to and from all home high schools.  Bus route schedules are provided to new students at their orientation/registration.  If you have any questions on this service please contact the transportation department at 402-436-1073.

How is lunch handled?

That is entirely up to the student.  When the Zoo is open we have access to the Zoo Cafe.  When closed each of us brings our own.  Everyone has access to microwaves, hot water dispensers, etc.  All of the schools also provide free/reduced lunch programs where the students can pick up a lunch from their cafeteria before they leave for the Science Focus Program.

What about days LPS is not in session, then is SFP also out? Snow days? Early dismissal days?

We follow LPS schedule for all High Schools.