Science Focus Program
A science-based education program where a unique community of learners is transformed through critical thinking and interaction with the world.


An Overview

The innovative Science Focus Program was the first focus program within Lincoln Public Schools, enrolling its first students in 1997. Students who attend the Science Focus Program remain students at their home schools, where they can participate in activities, athletics and social events. Students spend part of their mornings at their home school before attending the Science Focus Program the rest of the day. LPS provides busing to and from their home high schools for those who need it.

The Science Focus Program is continually accepting applications, but the target date for applications to attend in fall 2020 is December 10th, 2019.

You can apply for the program here.

The Science Focus Program provides an extraordinary education to every student who walks through its doors. But what makes it truly unique is its ability to provide a curriculum that also emphasizes the importance of kindness, inclusivity and wonder.
LPS Student

The Science Focus Program is located at a unique setting – the Lincoln Children’s Zoo – but we’re much more than that.

Our students engage in rigourous, research-based learning that culminates in a college-level research project their senior year
Our students thrive on critical thinking and problem-solving.
Our students are active in the Lincoln community.
Our students form meaningful connections with their teachers - they often have the same teacher for the same subject all four years of high school.
Our students are independent learners, motivated and often drawn to a particular field of science.
Our students apply their learning to the real world.