The Science Focus Program is a small community of mature learners participating both in a traditional and non-traditional style of learning. A place where students play an active role in defining their learning environment and education.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Why the Science Focus Program?

A common misconception about the Science Focus Program is that it is only for people interested in science. Actually, the Science Focus Program exists to give students a chance to learn in and outside of the classroom, to have a say in what makes up their education, and to give you a better preparation for future education. Anyone who is motivated and adventurous is welcome at the Science Focus Program. You do not necessarily need to have plans to study a field of science in the future. Many students do go on to do this, but there also many students that go into math, history, and English. The teachers work with you to discover your strengths and help you to decide what you want your future plans to be.

What is a typical day like at the Science Focus Program?

The Science Focus Program is directly connected to Lincoln Public Schools, and follows the same schedule as the regular high schools. If LPS announces a snow day, then the Science Focus Program will have a snow day, since it is a part of LPS. There is no fee for attending the Science Focus Program, as it is part of the public school system. All you have to do is apply. High school transcripts are Lincoln Public School transcripts. Attendance is kept at both the home high school and the Science Focus Program, you must call both schools when you will be absent from school. Lunch break lasts about 40 minutes each day, where students grades 11-12 can leave campus, or stay. You can come to the Science Focus Program your 9th grade year and can return as many years as you wish.

What are classes like at the Science Focus Program?

Classes are meant to be challenging, hands-on, and self-motivated. With the days running on a block schedule, the classes are each 1.5 hours long. Writing skills are imperative for each class, and through the years, teachers help students to develop this incredibly important skill. Speakers, field trips, and research trips are all big parts in every class, and focus days are always filled with these things. Teachers are open and flexible to teach what students want to learn, and are willing to go beyond the classroom and schedule to do so.

Do home high schools and the Science Focus Program work together?

Announcements from each home high schools are posted at the Zoo School each day. Questions and concerns are only a phone call away between each school.

Does the Science Focus Program follow the same finals schedule as the home high schools?

No. Actually, Science Focus Program students complete portfolios at the end of each semester. These portfolios demonstrate how much the student has learned. Teachers, students, and parents all meet to review the portfolio. Depending on the class, portfolios usually consist of essays, reflections, notes, tests, labs, and anything else asked of the student.