How it all came to be . . . .

The idea for the Science Focus Program originated in 1995. Teachers met and worked part-time planning for the Zoo School, and part time teaching at their high schools. The original teachers were Jim Barstow (Social Sciences), Deb Sharp ( English) De Tonack ( Math and Physics) and Jane Obbink  (Natural Sciences).

Teaching Staff for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Mark Anderson:   Social Studies

Beth Briney:  English

Mark James:  Science

Matt Johnson:  Math

Emily Seifferlein:   Science

The main idea for the focus program was to give students an alternative to regular high school. The teachers’ vision consisted of a place where students could come and feel welcome and comfortable enough to express their individual talents and ideas.

The school opened for the 1997-1998 school year, accepting juniors and seniors. Since then the Zoo School is now able to accept sophomores and freshmen.

In 1999, Zoo School created its own Key Club, partnering with the Lincoln Kiwanis Club.  Every week, students meet to work on fund-raising, community events, and volunteer work.

The students are also involved  in Science Olympiad, Science Day, and History Day

Zoo School’s technology consists of a lab of 23 MacBooks, which arrived during our Spring Break of the  13-14 school year.  Zoo School works with the Information Technology Program (also with LPS) to gain access to state of the art equipment.

Zoo School has made some changes throughout the years, but the goals remain the same:

  • to give students the best education possible
  • to instill an excitement and a craving for knowledge
  • to teach and learn together