January 23, 2020


  1. Academic Support is with Mark A today beginning at 3:05.
  2. As a reminder, Yearbook artwork submissions are due to Johnna before January 24th!
  3. Students are reminded to check in with their advisor at the beginning of each study block and check out at the end of A3/B3 study blocks. Matt’s advisory students that do not follow the procedure will lose the privilege and be restricted to the math classroom during study blocks. Check in with your advisor! (today and tomorrow, please
  4. ACT reminders: ACT prep will meet Wednesday in the math classroom to discuss that February 9, sample ACT. Students need to sign up for the sample ACT by February 3. (today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  5. With the wet conditions, please be mindful of wiping your feet when entering the building. Wet, dirty floors can be perilous. Be stay on sidewalks to minimize mud brought on to campus. (as you see fit)
  6. Students are reminded of the great opportunity afforded to them through the Academic Support program. Monday through Thursday from 3:05 to 4:05, students can be in a structured, supported environment to work on their classes, research or any other academic endeavor. See you at Academic Support. (again as you see fit; today, Monday, Wednesday?)

Fact of the Day

Harry Potter books released in the United States were translated from British English to American English.