We would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer break, and especially would like to give a shout out to the Class of 2017!  What a pleasure it has been to watch each and everyone of you mature into the young adults you have become.  We wish you the best in your futures experiences.  We are so proud of you!

                                                 Future Plans of the Class of 2017

Emily Almodovar-       Florida Institute of Technology – Dual Major in Psychology and Marine Biology

Zoe Arnold-                   UNO – Possibly Public Safety

Kelly Broad-                  UNL – Biology Systems Engineering w/a focus on Biomedical Engineering, Minoring in Biochemistry and English

Garrett Brockman-      UNL – Engineering

Hannah Cook-              UNL – Business Administration, Minoring in Art and a certificate in Gerontology

Lily Craig-                      Wesleyan – Dual Major in Mathematics and Theatre Design & Technology

Mitch Eslick-                 UNL – Undecided

Caleb Ferguson-           UNO – Computer Science

Laura Gleason-            Colorado State University – Biomedical Science

Jesse Hansen-              University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point – Wild Life Ecology, Minoring in Music

Anna Jungck-               UNO – Premed, intend to Major in Exercise Science, Minoring in Chemistry and Biology

Cecilly Lynch-              Iowa State University – Animal Science, Pre-Vet, Minoring in Business

Kieran Mannion-        University of Denver – Psychology and Pre-Med

Dylan Nyhoff-              Northwest Missouri State – Dual Major in Computer Science, Interactive Digital Media & Animation and Theatre

Trent Papstein-           UNL – History

Maddy Peterson-        UNL – Pre-Vet

Marshall Stoneman-  UNL – Mechanical Engineering

Carley Weixelman-    Undecided

Noah York-                  UNL – Architecture